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Keep Me From Blowing Away Acordes

Linda Ronstadt



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Keep Me From Blowing Away

C                    Cmaj7         Am7             C6 
I've spent my whole lifetime in a world where the sunshine 
     F            Em          Dm 
made excuses for not hanging 'round 
     G            F              Em           Dm   Dm7 
I've squandered emotions on the slightest of notions 
         G         G7           C 
and the first easy loving I've found 
C            Cmaj7            Am7            C6 
Soon all the good times, the gay times and play times 
     F            Em          Dm    Dm7 
like colors run together and fade 
     G         F         Em           Dm 
Oh Lord if you hear me, touch me and hold me  
     G         F         Em           Dm 
and keep me from blowing away 

{Instrumental break then modulate to D 

         D                   Dmaj7         Bm7          D6 
There've been times that I've trembled and my mind's remembered 
     G              F#m      Em    Em7 
the days that just crumbled away 
     A            G             F#m         Em 
With nothing to show but these lines that I know 
     A                      D 
are beginning to show in my face 
   D             Dmaj7            Bm7           D6 
So Lord if you're listenin' you know I'm no christian 
     G               F#m      Em    Em7 
and I ain't got much coming to me 
              A         G         F#m           Em 
But won't you send down some sunshine, throw out a lifeline 
     G         A         D            
And keep me from blowing away 
  A         G         F#m           Em 
Lord if you hear me, touch me and hold me, 
     G       A            G     D      
and keep me from blowing away 

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