Letters To Cleo

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Jennifer Acordes

Letters To Cleo

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D  D Bb D F# 
{intro:  D  D*  D  D4 
D (same as intro)     
Started out with defeat. Everyone was asleep. 
             G               A           G         A          D 
And now  you know that it's time to make up you mind like me. 
Now I'm not one to complain but you're driving me insane. 
And now you know that it's time to make up your mind like me. 
A      D  A      D  E      A                  
Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, Open up your door. 
If there could be last bliss; well here's the one you missed 
and now you know that it's time to make up your mind like me. 
solo:      G   A 
end:    C   G   D 
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