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California Acordes

Lenny Kravitz

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Tiago Offspring

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	  Intro: Em A Am C B E 
I was converted to the other side     | 
From the day I'd gotten there         |   
I met a girl who took me on a ride    |  Mesma base da intro  
I was young I had no cares            |   Em A Am C B E 
When I moved to California   |     F#m B7   nesta parte 
California                   |    
She played me records I had never heard |  
While we toked on purple hairs          |   Mesma base da intro           
Who, Zeppelin, Beatles                  |      E Ab A C B E 
Kiss, The Rolling Stones                |         
While we played guitars in air          |           
When I moved to California    | 
California                    |  F#m  B7 
California                    |      
California love!              |   
Venice Beach and P.O.P.     |  G  A  E 
Station 26 was free         |   
Jeff Ho and Horizons west          |   G  A  E 
Dogtown Skates they were the best  |    
Hang Ten, O.P. were the brands     |    G  A  E 
Don't forget the two-tone Vans     |     
Solo: E  Eb  D#  D  C  B  E  
I miss the Apple and my schoolyard boys  |   
Nothing ever will compare                |    
But now I skateboard                     |    E Ab A C B E 
With my surfer girl                      |    
And we really are a pair                 |    
When I moved to California   |  
California                   |    F#m B7   e termina a música com E 
California                   |      
California Love!             | 
Bom.. eh isso ae galera.. ouçam a música.. pra saber legal o compasso.. 
os acordes estaum ae. valew!!! 
[email protected] 


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