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It Could Happen To You Acordes

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It Could Happen To You


 D      D6      Gdim 
Hide your heart from sight, 
Em7    Edim      Gdim 
Lock your dreams at night 
D      G      B7 
It could happen to you. 
G        Em7      A7       D7M 
Don't count stars or you might stumble, 
Bm7     B7            Em7    A7    Em7/9  A7 
Someone drops a sigh, and down you tumble. 
D      D6    Gdim 
Keep an eye on spring, 
Em7    Edim      Gdim 
Run when church bells ring  
D      G      B7 
It could happen to you. 
G   G/F#  Em      G/B       D     F#m      B7 
All  I  did was wonder how your arms would be 
G   Em  A7    A7/13  D 
And it happened to  me. 

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