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Stairway To Heaven (ver. 4) Acordes

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Stairway To Heaven (ver. 4)

	  Intro; {{: Am  G#/C   C/G   D/F#   G    A:}} 
{{: C   D  Fmaj7  Am   G   C   G   D :}}  
1st.vs.{{:Fmaj7   Am   G#/C   C/G    D/F#   Fmaj7   G   Am :}} 
C    D  Fmaj7 Am                 C             G           D 
Ooh,    ooh,         And she's buying a stairway to heaven 
2nd. vs. same chording as first 
Am   G#/C   C/G    D/F#    Fmaj7   G   Am    G   Am7   Dsus4 
D                       Am7    Em D C D 
Ooh  it makes me wonder, 
Am7    Dsus4   D           Am7   Em D C D 
Ooh it    makes me  wonder 
              C                 G/B           Am 
There's a feeling I get.... 
              C         G/B            F          Am 
And my spirit is crying  for  leaving. 
(The rest is pretty much the same as the first version of this song) 
(These chords look complicated, but are really rather simple if I was able to show my chord charts you would see.) 



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