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Mostly Water Acordes

Laurence Fox



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Mostly Water

Capo en el 7º traste


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e|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|---1--1--1--3--1--0(h)1--0--0--0--0--3--1--0(h)1--0--------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro C Em Verse C Too late to see you awake Em As I get home, tiptoe to the place where you sleep C I long to find you awake Em As I open your door, I see you've drifted away
Am You're mostly water F Science has told me so C If you're mostly water Em How can I love you so
Bridge F C I didn't make the world G The world made me first F C And when you get to the sea G You'll see me first

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