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My Foolish Heart Acordes

Laura Fygi

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My Foolish Heart

Introdução: D D7M D6 Fdim F#m F#m7  F#m7 B7/9- 
   A                        F#m 
The night is like a lovely tune  
     D9                E7 
Beware my foolish heart! 
         A7M                F#m 
How white the ever distant moon  
         D9               E7 
Take care, my foolish heart! 
              A         A7M               A7 
There's a line between love and fascination, 
        D          D7M             D6       Fdim                  
That's so hard to see on evenings such as this; 
      F#m          F#m7     F#m7 
For they both give the very same sensation. 
         D9            Bm5-/7         E7 
When you are lost in the magic of a kiss. 
        A                      F#m7 
Her lips are much too close to mine  
      D9              E7 
Beware my foolish heart! 
    A7M          F#m 
But should our eager lips combine,  
    D9           A7/13 
Then let the fire start. 
E7  F#m          F#m7       F#m7     Dm6                   
For this time it isn't fascination,   
      A               A7M            F#7 
Or a dream that will fade and fall apart. 
      D    B7        D9      Bm5-/7       A    A7/9+ 
It's love this time, it's love, my foolish heart! 

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