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In Wendy Acordes

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In Wendy

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A     Em                     G           D      
Well dark clouds, they'll subside for a while 
A     Em             G             D 
And sit down, I can make my friend smile 
       A                  D                    A                       Em 
I have lost a lot but I'm sane you know and I'm calling you up just to say hello so 
A             D           A             Em 
Hi my lovely, oh my lovely, I am someone else 

A     Em            G          D 
I did think I would live life alone 
  A   Em         G           D 
I was sure I was made out of stone 
       A                  D                       A                    Em 
I have lost a lot but you helped me find what was really real and some piece of mind 
          A                D                     A               Em 
and I am, awfully thankful and I am so grateful, I need no one else 

A        Em          G          D 
Will you think of me when I am gone 
A         Em        G          D 
will you comfort me when I am wrong 
       A                   D                   A                   Em 
I have lost a lot but I'm feeling fine cause I finally found out, nothing's mine 
         A           D              A            Em 
and I am only human, I am so human, I am nothing else 
A         Em        A        Em         A         Em         A         Em         A 

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