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Discomfort Inn

(Tony Sly)

	  - Intro: A 

- verse 1: 

  A               E                     F#m 
A poor man with a rich man’s habit is a dead man 
       D       A               E 
Like a gun is nothing until in some ones hand 

A E F#m A funeral is party without a corpse D Bm A And a wedding is two strangers then divorce
- verse 2: A E F#m A need a smaller pen so I can write D A E Because the devil has my idle hands within his sight
A E F#m And I just want to say something true D Bm A It’s a lie that you love me too
- Solo: A E F#m F#m D A E E A E F#m F#m D Bm A A - verse 3: A E F#m A murder is a cold body without police D A E And a bird with no wings is a rat to me
A E F#m If you’re able to go on another day D Bm A Consider yourself lucky, don’t change
- verse 4: A E F#m A bible is just paper without the words D A E With two ends and no content in the middle verse
A E F#m And no but I thank you for the guitar D Bm A I wouldn’t have made it this far
- Verse 5: A E F#m When I say that I am talking about the years D A E My two daughters and my right hand that wipes the tears
A E F#m Not from god’s hand I let the sunlight shine through D Bm A All the darkness the ends with you

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