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The Mushroom Cloud Acordes




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The Mushroom Cloud

D5 F C (4x) 

D5 F C (4x) 
Living on the light that once was given to us all. 
As fragile as we are we're still surviving in the cold. 
We're trying to explain ourselves and justify our lives. 
Now there's no more need to wonder why. 

Oh what a beautiful day for us. 
This has been such a good place to us. 
Bb                        Gm 
Look at the trees as they wave at us, 
saying goodbye. 

Gm               F             C              Dm 
Soon, all of the things that I stand for will fall into  
             F        A 
the oblivion I have ignored. 
Gm             F           C          Dm 
I know that my choices are losing the war. My future 
      F           A 
ain't soothing anymore. 
Dm                F             C         Dm 
Taking my time to find out what it has in store.  
                   F           A 
The bomb will drop right on my porch. 
Dm                    F          C          Dm 
Don't fear for what I know to be sure. I'll be vaporized,  
      F      A 
no surprises anymore.  

Oh what a beautiful day for us. 
We have been looking for ways to trust  
Bb                      Gm 
Things will unravel the way they must. 
             D           G          E           Am 
And when you see it it's simply the greatest of things. 
          F            C            D 
You'll be grateful the rest of your life. 

Truth is shooting us all in the face. While we aim to define  
it we freeze in our frames. 
They say it won't hurt us a bit so don't panic when you start  
to bleed in its name. 
Cover your eyes, don't look at the flash. Pray that there's  
no such thing as hell when we pass. 
The morning light is leaking into the unknown.  
Absorbed by the infinite yawn.  
We're home. 

All in all, we are grateful for the grace bestowed upon us.  
Our sins eradicated. It's the end that keeps us honest. 
Our next chapter begins regardless, be it void or promise. 
The sun sets on mankind. End of the line. This is our time. 

this is our time Oh what a beautiful day for us. 
this is our time Smell the perfume of decay on us. 
                   Bb                     Gm 
this is our time Behold the light and embrace the rush. 
this is our time This is our time. 

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