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Bro Ho

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Intro |-7--8p7--------5--7p5--5---5--7p5--5----3p2----0----2---------------|| |--8----8-8------7----7------5----5----------------------------------|| |7--7----7-----7--7----7---5--5----5----2-----2----2-----------------|| |--------------------------------------------------------------------|| |--------------------------------------------------------------------|| |--------------------------------------------------------------------|| Strophe and refrain G D Am7 |-----3-------0h2-------0---------|| |-----3-------3---------1---------|| |-----0-------2---------0---------|| |-------------0---------2---------|| |-(2)-------------------0---------|| |--3------------------------------|| Bridge (bend before goin to the Em) Em Bm C G end with D |--0-----2----0----3-------|2x----2---|| |--0-----3----1----3-------|2x----3---|| |--0-----4----0----0-------|2x----2---|| |--2-----4----2----0-------|2x----0---|| |--2-----2----3----2-------|2x--------|| |--0---------------3---2b--|2x--------||
G D Am7 wel well well well well well well G D Am7 uhhhhhhhhhhhhh G D Am7 baby baby G D Am7 well she will change your tires G D Am7 and she can buildin nice fires G D Am7 and than she fullfills my desires G D Am7 after we watched a bit of mac guyver oh G D Am7 cause she's my bro ho G D Am7 she really looks good in a dress yo G D Am7 but dont tell her she won't think so G D Am7 she works at a headshop down in „noho“ G D Am7 she takes her coffee with no sugar or cream G D Am7 she's good around the bedroom if you know what i mean G D Am7 she lets one loose right after eaten some beans G D Am7 she can rip one through her trowsers but then fix all the seams
G D Am7 she's my bro ho G D Am7 i try'n to tell her but she don't know G D Am7 but she's a woman and i know so G D Am7 she even dips me when we tango
and i know... Bridge: Em Bm she's watching "goory" movies without any regrets C G she tells me don't be frighten its just special effect Em Bm she's gamin on my X-box always levelin up C D there's a meal on the table and the laundry is done
G D Am7 she's my bro ho G D Am7 she desinged my bands logo G D Am7 she's involved but she's no yoko G D Am7 she tells me there's guitar solo
Solo: G D Am7 (repeated) Bridge: Em Bm and i know it seems crazy C G she even likes the films of martin scorsese Em Bm don't hasitate just give it a chance C D you just might even find some sweet bromance Strophe: G D Am7 with your bro ho G D Am7 might even wear your favourite polo G D Am7 she'll even text a sexy photo G D Am7 but her golf game is till "so so" G D Am7 she give me lessons on my do bro G D Am7 she goes on nature hikes with frodo G D Am7 she' got a tatoo of han solo wuuwuuh G D Am7 don't you thinkin she's a dude brooooaaaauuuuuuu Outro is similar to the intro i havent figuered it out yet // I hope you'll play it for the Ladys :D

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