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Ladies Night

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Oh yes it's ladies night 
And the feeling's right 
Oh yes it's ladies night 
Oh what a night (oh what a night) 

(C#m7 C#m6) 
Girls, y'all got one 
A night that's special everywhere 
From New York to Hollywood 
It's ladies night and girl 
the feeling's good 

(C#m7 C#m6) 
Romantic Lady, single baby 
Mm sophisticated mama 
Come on you disco lady yeah 
Stay with me tonight, mama, yeah 
If you hear any noise 
It ain't the boys, it's ladies night, uh huh 
Gonna step out ladies night 
Steppin' out ladies night 
Gonna step out ladies night 
Steppin' out ladies night 

Am7                   Bm7          Em7 
On disco lights your name will be seen 
Am7              Bm7           Em7 
You can fullfill all your dreams 
Am7                 Bm7         Em7 
Party here, party there, everywhere 
This is your night, baby 
       Bm7         Em7 
You've got to be there 
This is your night 
   Dm7        Gm7 
Tonight, everything is gonna be alright 

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