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Live long

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	  INTRO/ A C D C Em Am Gm A D C  
Riding on this know how 
never been here before 
A          Dm            G 
Peculiarly entrusted 
C        Dm 
possibly that is all 
D          Em 
Is history recorded 
Does someone have a tape 
D       Am     G 
Surely, Im not pioneer 
Em                      Am 
Constellations stay the same 
SOLO//C B D A C Em Am G A Em C D F#m B D 
Just a litle bit of danger 
when intriguingly 
D          G        Em 
Our little secret 
C               A  
Trusts that you trust me 
Am                     D      A 
Cause no one will ever know 
G             Bm 
that this was happening 
D                  C  
So tell me why you listen 
               A              Repeat solo 
When nobody is talking 
Em      Am       Gm       G 
What is there to know 
Bm               Em       C Cm 
All this is what it is 
Em         Bm             G C 
You and me alone 
Cm    G  
Sheer simplicity 
What is there to know....repeat twice 


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