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This Dirty Little Town Acordes

Kieran Kane

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This Dirty Little Town

	  Kieran Kane 
Tabbed by Kane Smith ([email protected]) 
Intro chords: E 

E Someday I'm gonna leave this dirty little town A Where the talk is cheap on the dirty little streets E B And the trees are dyin' underneath the sky that's purple and brown E You can't drink the water, can't breathe the air A If you go out at all, well ya better take care E B E People packin' heat on the mean ol' streets of this dirty little town
Verse: A I've been savin' my money each and every day E Every dollar I make, I put a nickel away A Five little pennies don't seem like much E B Maybe twenty more years and I'll have enough but.. Chorus Instrumental solo Verse: Folks 'round here say I'll never go But there's something about me that they don't know I've already left this place in my mind When my body goes, it's just a matter of time Chorus

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