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Eight More Miles Acordes

Kieran Kane


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Eight More Miles

Capo en el 5º traste
	  By Kieran Kane (with Kevin Welch) 
Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
Eight more miles and I'll be home 
Back in your grace where I belong 
Tonight I'm be sleepin' in my own bed 
With my blue tilt feather pillow underneath my head 
Chorus 1: 
I feel the wheels on 65 
I don't when I felt so alive 
           G                 D 
Eight more miles, eight more miles 
And I'll be home 
Since I've been gone everythings changed 
Theres been two weeks of steady rain 
Now the dogwoods bloomed painted white 
And that damp smell of new cut grass is everywhere tonight 
Chorus 2: 
Sweet sunny south I never knew 
Just how much I could miss you 
Eight more miles, eight more miles 
And I'll be home 
I crossed the Rockies on a silver train 
I walked through Bergen In the pouring rain 
I've met with strangers I came to love 
And I've gotten drunk with Chieftains in a Dublin hotel pub  
Chorus 3: 
And I dearely love these memories 
All that matter now to me  
Is eight more miles, eight more miles  
And I'll be home 
Eight more miles, eight more miles and I'll be home 

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