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Off-screen Acordes

Kevin Devine



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E7 riff A7 riff e|-0-0-0------3-3-3-------| B|--3-3-3-0----2-2-2-0----| G|------------------------| D|------------------------| A|------------------------| E|------------------------|
Intro: E7 E7 I saw you I saw you A7 Did you see me? C2 I was off screen D2 Off screen E7 From there I From there I A7 Saw the flood rise C2 In my daydream D2 Daydream E7 E7 With my dead eye With my dead eye A7 Watched for vultures C2 By the road side D2 Road side E7 The sun spoke (It said my name) The sun spoke (It said my name) A7 I answered Good morning. C2 Are you alright? D2 Bm C2 D Bm C2 E7 E Are you alright? E C/G Cuz I can't see you now E C/G So I've stopped looking out A7 The dread collects in clouds C/G Drifting on screen Bm7/A Towards us on screen E7 A7 C2 D2 E7 A7 C2 D2 Bm C2 D Bm C2 E7 E E C/G And I can't see you now E C/G So I stopped looking out E C/G Imagine my surprise E C/G When you became my eyes A7 And overwhelmed the sky C2 Now the ground's hot Bm7/A And the earth's dry Bm Here's your answer C/G Here's your big bright D Bm7/A Here's your leased life C/G E7 A7 (Bb B) Here's your white knight C/G Here's your alright Bm7/A Here's your alright E7 A7 C2 D2

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