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It's All In The Game Acordes

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It's All In The Game

(Carl Sigman and Charles Dawes)


 C              G          C 
Many a tear has to fall 
        Dm7    G           C    Fdim  C 
But it's all     in the game 
C                     G           C 
All in the wonderful game 
          F  G      C     Fdim    C 
That we know    as love 
                 C                Am 
You have words with him 
          C             G7            C 
And your future's looking dim 
Cdim        G                    D  D7    G   Gdim G7 
But these things your heart can rise   above 
  G                      C 
Once in a while he won't call, 
         Dm7  G           C    Fdim  C 
But it's all     in the game 
G                       G7               C 
Soon he'll be there at your side 
         F    G    C   Fdim    C 
With a sweet   bouquet 
                  C        Am 
And he'll kiss you lips 
     Em                Am7             D7 
And caress your waiting fingertips 
           C           F       G        C 
And your hearts will fly  away 

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