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She Rises Like The Dolphin Acordes

Kate Wolf



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She Rises Like The Dolphin

Capo en el 5º traste

Intro: Am    F  C  Dm  C  G  C 

    Dm                              G 
She rises like the dolphin with the sea wind in her eyes 
    F                               A                        Dm 
The sunlight casting shadows like a painter's palette knife 
                              C                      G 
Her hair fans out around her, floating like a crown 
She plays on the water and lets it pull her down 

F                                         C                 Dm 
Sometimes she swims in moonlight with the stars high above 
                                               E7     Am 
The night sounds of the water speaking soft of love 
                                F                C      Dm 
Her skin turns to velvet as she feels the waters glide 
                  C                  G            C      Dm  C  G  C 
She loses all her boundaries on this magic carpet ride 

        Dm                       G                        F 
You see ripples on the water and watch the shadows dance 
                                  A                        Dm 
Then she's diving down and you're looking through a glass 
                            C                     G 
Like a one-way mirror her reflection's far below 
Where she was, she isn't now, that's all you really know 

    F                             C                    Dm 
Two swimmers in the water, one of silver, one of gold 
                                          E7     Am 
One below the surface, one reaching for a hold 
                         F             C      Dm 
One floating freely, one trying not to drown 
                   C        G             C      
A dreamer with two faces, a dolphin and a clown 

Instrumental: F  C  Dm  E7  Am  F  C  Dm  C  G     C 

Dm                           G                  F 
If you think you'll hold her in a shallow pool 
                                    A                     Dm 
Or catch her in a waterfall, you're thinking like a fool 
                                     C                G 
She'll strike for the horizon like a ship out to sea 
Leaving just illusions that look like memories 

              F                    C                          Dm 
She wears the water like a mask, a brand new suit of clothes 
                                         E7     Am 
A player on the stage, an actress no one knows 
                         F              C      Dm 
See her roll and tumble, falling like a clown 
                 C           G                C     
A swimmer in the water, that runs from higher ground 

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