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North Main Street

Capo en el 2º traste

nd Fret 

D              A7     G          D 
Looking out my window, what do I see 
                          Em G                   A7 
That old sun comes shining   through the cypress trees 
C                  G                  E                A7 
A big old rambling house, built long ago for someone's wife 
       D            Em             G      A7      D 
In the heart of the city, living a mellow country life 

                 A7             G                D 
Barbara's in the kitchen, she's making lunch for Jill 
                             Em     G             A7 
Richard's loading up the Ford for a trip into the hills 
    C                G     E              A7 
And Don's out in the yard, working on his car 
        D               Em          G       A7    D 
And I'm sitting in this quiet room, playing my guitar 

                           A7                   G             D 
Well, I can't call them my family, 'cause we're not of common blood 
                              Em G                       A7 
When I think about going home,   this is one place I can come 
C             G              E                A7 
Living on the road without a house to call my own 
     D              Em       G                 A7   D 
That door is always open, it helps me feel I'm not alone 

                        A7                  G             D 
Well, many nights we've gathered around the table in this room 
                         Em G                  A7 
Singing songs and talking   and looking at the moon 
  C           G               E                A7 
A summer to remember when our time had passed away 
     D                   Em          G         A7     D 
It's hard to think where we might be ten years from today 

                A7                 G              D 
All around this country, we're all singers in one band 
                                      Em         G                 A7 
If you have a friend who's travelling, won't you help him when you can 
C                       G                 E                  A7 
Share the things you've learned and he'll tell you what he's seen 
         D                 Em                G      A7      D 
Let your songs bring you together, while you follow in your dreams 

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