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Midnight Star Acordes

Kate Wolf



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Midnight Star

Capo en el 2º traste

       C                    F 
Let me tell you a story, it happened long ago 
         C                                     G7 
When the pines were dancing in the wind on the Mendocino shore 
    Am                                   Em  
The town lights were blazing, there were parties everywhere 
F      C                 G              C 
It was Christmas eve and joy was in the air 

In the dark and stormy night someone heard the sound 
   C                                     G7 
Of something breaking on the rocks and a big ship going down 
Am                              Em  
Some said they saw a light some swore it was a star 
     F                      C       G                C 
That shone out there in the night although it wasn't far 

In the grey light of morning they walked along the sand 
        C                         G7 
Finding pieces of the ship but no sign of her hands 
  Am                              Em  
Except a tiny pair of shoes and a woman's ragged coat 
     F                C                   G                 C 
That lay there at the water's edge in the driftwood and the foam 

Some said she sailed from India or the coast of Oregon 
     C                                      G7 
Some said by the size of her rigging it was some place far beyond 
    Am                                Em  
But why she sailed into a port closed down so long ago 
      F                 C           G                C 
Or if all on board were lost at sea no one seemed to know 

The fire was crackling in the stove when he heard the wailing cry 
     C                        G7 
Of a little baby in the night somewhere close outside 
   Am                                        Em  
He grabbed his gun and he left the house, he thought it was A cat 
       F       C            G                   C 
But he found a woman with a babe, fallen in her tracks 

She was cold, her eyes were glazed, her skin was ghostly white 
   C                                 G7 
He tried to make her speak, she just handed him the child 
Am                            Em  
And then she passed into that endless sleep 
       F     C                 G                     C 
And he knelt beside her on the trail and he began to weep 

Rushing home he stoked the fire and he bathed the weary babe 
    C                                  G7 
Its skin was brown as a hazel nut, its eyes of greenest jade 
   Am                            Em  
In age it was about two years or maybe six months more 
       F                 C                  G               C 
But he had the look of a wise old man who'd been this way before 

And so he stayed and he filled the heart of the man that he called dad 
    C                                     G7 
And Shipwreck Star was the only name that boy-child ever had 
    Am                           Em  
His mama, she lies buried in the manzanita and the pines 
          F            C            G               C 
Where the wild azaleas bloom in the fog-bound summertime 

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