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Cornflower Blue Acordes

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Cornflower Blue

Capo en el 4º traste

th Fret 

Intro: C  C7  C  C7  F  G  F  ~ C 

           Csus4                         C 
Cornflower Blue, blooming in the morning sun 
                  G                                  C 
Tiny flowers that grew from when our love had just begun 
            Csus4                      C 
Long ago we planted each dry and dusty row 
                Dm            G                F 
How long it has taken for the seeds of love to grow 
           C     Dm  G  C  F  C 
Cornflower Blue 

           Csus4                          C 
Cornflower Blue, like the faded shirt you wore 
            G                            C     C7 
Standing in shadows when I opened up the door 
                  Csus4                 C  Cadd9 C 
The smile in your eyes when you said hello 
        Dm              G                F 
Held me tenderly and it would not let me go 
Cornflower Blue 

Instrumental: F   C Cadd9 C  G   C  F   C  Dm  G  F  C 

           Csus4                         C 
Cornflower Blue, deeper than the evening sky 
              G                     C     C7 
Peaceful as a river, bluer than goodbye 
              Csus4                         C    Cadd9 C 
Blue like the diamond when the light shines true 
                Dm          G                   F 
If love came in colours I'd choose this one for you 
           C     Dm  G  F  C 
Cornflower Blue 
    G      C    
Cornflower Blue 

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