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Carry Me Away Acordes

Kate Wolf



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Carry Me Away


  G                                C 
I haven't seen the trees in such a long time 
  G                              D 
I haven't felt the spaces in the sky 
  G                          C  
I haven't gone riding on the open rail  
D                       G 
With the sunlight in my eyes 
Em                              D 
I haven't thought of many other mornings 
Am                      D    G 
Just been living day to day 
Last night I heard you calling  
D                 G 
Let me carry you away 

And the road still lies ahead 
G                      D 
Where we left it long ago 
G                           C  
Waiting like some long lost love  
D                        G 
Who once had touched our soul 
Em                            D  
Yes, yes, you know I'll come 
Am                   D    G 
I'll go riding out today 
Any place you want to take me  
D                 G 
You can carry me away 

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