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Brother Warrior

Intro Em Am  

Brother warrior  
                 D                                                 Em  
With a heart like gold and a rainbow in your eyes,  
Brave companion,  
               Bm                                    C  
Do you see a world shining in the sky?  
                    Am                           Em  
With your body dancing like an arrow,  
                   D                       Em  
Spreading joy beneath your feet  
                      D                                 Em  
And your hands, they wave like the tall grass  
              Am                Em  
In the wind as you speak  
                     C                G  
With the shyness of a small child  
                     Am            Em  
And the wisdom of a sage,  
                   C                    Bm            Am  
I tell you now there is no reason to be afraid.     

Brother warrior,  
                      D                                        Em  
There are none of us who walk this path alone.  
                D                 Bm                                   C  
Spirit healer, it's the only life that we have ever known.  
                    Em              Am  
I see your smile in the sunlight,  
                     D              Em  
I hear your song in the rain,  
              D                    Em  
And I hold you here inside me,  
                  Am                    Em  
Feel your love, know your pain,  
                      C                                G  
And at this time when the earth is waking  
                 Am                Em  
To the dawn of another age,  
                   C                      Bm              Em  
I tell you now there is no reason to be afraid.  

 instrumental break 

                  C               G  
We are crying for a vision  
                 Am                    Em  
That all living things can share,  
                            C           Bm              Em 
And those who care are with us everywhere.  


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