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Blank Pages

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A     Em     G             D 
Blank pages, hours without end 
    Am                 Em     C               D 
The hand that wants to write, cannot hold the pen 
Em    C                D                G 
Blank pages, but I can read between the lines 
         C                    D           G     C  D  G  E 
It's the heart that tells the story every time 

A    Em         G          D 
Your words come on the telephone 
         Am                Em   C            D 
When the mind that knows itself hates to be alone 
    Em   C                 D               G 
But hard questions, when tomorrow's always blind 
        C                   D             G 
But the heart will find the answers every time 

Bm                C     G 
Clear pictures of sweet destiny 
    Em                    Bm 
The darkness may surround you 
    A                   B 
But still the heart can see 

  A     Em           G                  D 
I never thought that love would come to stay 
        Am             Em          C             D 
It came knocking at my door and it would not go away 
    Em      C                     G 
And now the papers scatter on the floor 
       C               D                  G 
Like a thousand unsaid words I've heard before 
         C                    D           G 
It's the heart that tells the story every time 

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