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Gravity Happens Acordes

Kate Voegele



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Gravity Happens

(Kate Voegele)


Intro: G  Em7  Cadd9  D   

Verse 1 

G                                 Em7 
If your travels ever take you to sea 
Cadd9                  D 
Then I'd say to you to dip in your feet 
G                              Em7 
If you battle the wind on the way 
Cadd9              D 
Then I tell you to challenge the waves 

Pre-Chorus 1 

Em7                       Am 
It's a world of peculiar people 
    C            D                Em 
And places that look nothing like home 
Em7                     D 
But it keeps turning - and turning even 

G Though gravity happens... Cadd9 D We don't know it till after we've hit the ground G The world's spinning faster Cadd9 D with each day that passes, each dashing hour Em7 Am C What am I to do? I've broken my parachute D G Well if gravity happens, then i'll fasten wings to my shoes
Em7 Cadd9 D G Em7 D Verse 2 G Em7 I have gathered that the moments that shaped me Cadd9 D Were the ones that have tested my faith G Em7 All that matters is the courage they gave me Cadd9 D I fell down, my fears were erased Pre-Chorus 2 Em7 Am In the wreckage of heartache and hindsight C D Em A new beginning starts to unfold Em7 D If you let it, it just might save your life Chorus Bridge Em D I'm not gonna let the world get me down, no Em Am C I've got so much more to live for D I'm starting right now G Em7 Cadd9 D G Em7 Cadd9 D Chorus

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