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Keeper Of My Heart Acordes

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Keeper Of My Heart

Intro Bm     G      D      A 

Verse I 

Bm                    G 
From the first to the last breath I breathe  
D                A 
The Lord watches over me  
Bm                       G 
You hear my cry and You know every need  
D                A 
The Lord watches over me  
Bm     G  D         A 
You never fail me, God  

Bm I lift my eyes G I lift my eyes up D Maker of the Heavens A Keeper of my heart Bm I lift my hands G I lift my hands up D Standing in Your presence A You are never far
Verse II Bm G I look to You where my help comes from D A The Lord watches over me Bm G Your mercies are new with the morning sun D A The Lord watches over me Bm G D A You've never failed me, God Hook Bm G Keeper of my heart D Keeper of my heart A Jesus, You are Bridge G My strength A You're never ending love G A I know You have overcome G/B A I'll sing when all is said and done G Bm A You're My hope, my only hope Ending Bm Keeper of my heart Keeper of my heart

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