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I Am Not Alone

	  Intro: C#m    A    F#m    C#m  B (x2)   

verse 1   
C#m                A           F#m   
When I walk through deep waters    
                            C#m   B   C#m   
I know that You will be with me   
                A            F#m   
When Im standing in the fire   
                  C#m   B   F#m   
I will not be overcome   
Through the valley of the shadow   
E           B   
I will not fear   

E I am not alone B I am not alone C#m You will go before me A You will never leave me
verse 2 C#m A F#m In the midst of deep sorrow C#m B C#m I see Your light is breaking through A F#m The dark of night will not overtake me C#m B C#m I am pressing into You C#m Lord, You fight my every battle E B And I will not fear (Chorus) Bridge (x4) A You amaze me Redeem me B You call me as Your own verse 3 C#m Youre my strength A F#m Youre my defender C#m B Youre my refuge in the storm C#m Through these trials A Youve always been faithful F#m B You bring healing to my soul (Chorus)

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