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Down To Earth

(Mason Levy, Waynne Nugent, Kevin John Risto, Carlos Battey, Steven Battey, Justin Bieber)

G D A A   

I never thought it'd be easy  
Cause we both so distance now  
And the walls are closing in on us  
And we're wondering how  
No one has a solid answer  
But just walking in the dark  
And you can see the look on my face  
It just tells me apart  

        G                              D  
So we fight so we fight through the hurt through the hurt  
And we cry and cry and cry and cry  
        G                          D  
And we live and we live and we learn and we learn  
And we try and try and try and try  

G D So its up to to you and its up to me A That we meet in the middle G On our way back down to earth D A Down to earth down to earth G D A On our way back down to earth back down to earth - repeat
verse G And mommy you were always somewhere D Daddy I live out of town A So tell me how could I ever be normal somehow G You tell me this is for the best D So tell me why Am I in tears A So far away and now I just need you here Chorus Down to earthrepeat D Bridge2 A G We fell so far away from the way we used to be G D Now we're standing and were do we go A G When there's no road to get to your heart Let's start over again Chorus Outro G I never thought that it be easy D Cause we both so distance now A And the walls are closing in on us D And we're wondering how.


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