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Rise And Fall

Capo en el 4º traste


C   G   D   Em   C   G   D   D    } x2 

verse 1 
C               C      Em           D 
I could see your voice, but I could never hear it 
C           C             Em    D 
Through the static noise around me 
C      C             Em     D 
But I can't give up, so I keep on swimming 
C           C               Em   D 
Through the ocean till you find me 

pre Chorus 
Am          Am              Em        D 
Life's a rolling wave, your heart can keep me safe 
Am           Am                 D     D      
Tonight, I'm floating toward my home 

     C            G     D      Em               C       G       D    D 
Ooh, lost in the water, save me before I drown, take me away tonight,  
C         G        D           Em           C         G         D    D 
Onto your iceberg, I'll let my anchor down, under the northern lights 
              C   C     
Your heart is home 

verse 2 
C        C            Em          D 
We're a dancing flame, our fire's always burning 
C        C                Em   D 
Growing brighter all the time 
C               C           Em             D 
Though the Earth might shake, I know it's always turning 
C            C                Em    D 
'Cause you remind me we'll be fine 

pre Chorus Chorus 

Bridge 1 x2 
C                G               D                  Em 
I feel the beat, I feel the beat, I feel the beat, Rise & fall 
C                G               D                  D 
I feel the beat, I feel the beat, I feel the beat, Rise & fall 

Bridge 2 
C        G     D               Em 
Can't we break just for a minute?! 
C                G     D               D 
Come and take my hand, now that we're in it 
   C           G           D         Em             C    G    D    D 
Let the moment free us, so we won't forget it     Tonight, tonight! 

Chorus Bridge 1 x2 Repeat Bridge 1 with “oooh’ 

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