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	  Am               F                        C                  G 
My love is brighter than the bright of the stars 
            Am                  F 
Please don't jump the stairs 
                C                      G                 Am        F C G 
Cause I'm following every step to your heart 

Everything I know 
Everything I Knew 
                     C              G 
Everything I tried to be true 

Every circle you make 
Every breath you breathe 
                      C                  G 
Everything I wanted you to be 

           F     Em        G 
Every stars in the sky 
             Am                    F            G 
And my fear is that the tears will drop 

 Am              F 
Fell in your heart 
C                  G 
That we are true 
Am                  F 
Destiny has brought us here 
      C                    G          F 
To show that our love is a song 
G                                 C 
Just remember to hear it 
        G         Am 
Our love is a star 
F                      C 
Our love is the sky 
       G             Am             F                    C 
As long as we live it, our love will grow fine 
  F               Em          Dm      G 
Believe our love will shine 

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