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Got My Mac On Acordes

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Got My Mac On

	  Play with little flourishes to spice it up a little or something. He does  
something in the actual song but I can't figure it out. 

Intro: F#  F#  F#  B 

Verse:  F#  Bbm  B  C# x2 
           Abm  Ebm  Abm  Bbm 

 Chorus: F#   B  C# 

I cant believe 
Its been a year since we met WWDC 
Oh I met somebody new 
But I promise its nothing against you 
You remembered every date 
Knew the best places for dinner 
No it’s not your weight 
Even she could be thinner 

Oh I must confess 
I got my mac on 
With iPhone 3GS 

I am amazed 
How did we go so long without cut copy paste 
Oh I should have guessed 
You would blame all our problems on your MMS… restrictions 

Oh once you were much quicker 
But your age has slowed you down 
Plus she takes better pictures 
Not to mention video and sound 

Oh I must confess 
I got my mac on 
With iPhone 3GS 

Oh but this is not goodbye 
You could always be my spare 
I prefer that anyway 
Cause I don’t have apple care 

Oh I must confess 
I got my mac on 
With iPhone 3GS 

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