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For Me And My Gal Acordes

Judy Garland



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For Me And My Gal

             D7                    G 
The bells are ringing for me and my gal 
              D7                    G 
The birds are singing for me and my gal 
                 B7                          Em 
Everybody's been knowing  to a wedding their going 
                           A7                     D7 
And for weeks they've been sewing every Suzie and Sal 
              D7                   G 
They're congregating for me and my gal 
             D7                    B7 
The parson's waiting for me and my gal 
             G                                               C                Eb7 
And sometime    I'm going to build a little home for two for three or four or more 
    D7                     G 
In Loveland, for me and my gal 

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