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After You've Gone Acordes

Judy Garland



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After You've Gone

Introdução: Gm7 C7/9- Gm7 C7/9- Gm7 C7/9- F7M C7/9- 

F7M           Bb9 
After you've gone and left me cryin' 
C  C/B        Am7 Am7/G    A7 
After you've gone      there's no denyin' 
D9            Bm5-/7       E7 
You'll feel blue, you'll feel sad, 
    C       C/B    Am7      Am7/G    C   C/B  C7 
You'll miss the dearest pal that you have ever had 
F7M              Bb9 
There'll come a time now don't forget it  
  C      C/B     Am7 Am7/G A7 
There'll come a time       when you regret it 
Dm    Edim  Dm7        Bb9 
Some   day   when you grow lonely 
  C         C/B      E7         Am      Cdim 
Your heart will break like mine and you will want me only 
C  C/B         Am7  Am7/G   Dm7           G    C 
After you've gone,     after you've gone away 
F7M            Bb9 
After I'm gone,    after we break up 
C  C/B     Am7  Am7/G  A7 
After  I'm gone           you're gonna wake up 
D9            Bm5-/7      E7 
You will find you were blind 
    C      C/B   Am7  Am7/G      C    C/B   C7 
To let somebody come along and change your mind 
F7M           Bb9 
After the years   we've been together 
C        C/B     Am7  Am7/G A7 
Through joy and tears,      all kinds of weather 
Dm   Edim  Dm7               Bb9 
Some day      blue and down-hearted 
        C      C/B     E7            Am        Cdim 
You'll long to be with me again back where you started 
C  C/B      Am7 Am7/G  Dm7         G   C Fdim C 
After I'm gone,    after I'm gone away. 

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