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Wake Up

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Yo, yup

Thanks for stoppin' in 
This ain't no pop, no Mary Poppins , not a synonym 
Ah Jr. Gong and Joss Stone the modern day Janis Joplin 
 Come to tell you what is happenin' 
If you've been tuning in 
I'm assuming that you're unsatisfied unless  
you don't know the root of the music 
From the beginning 
In this modern day test tube factory that we're livin' in 

verse 1 

What is this nonsense I can't hear through? 
This combination of money and fools 
It's abominable 
Remember the stage where the flower child rules 
and music was true so the people could choose 
then the suits took control 
Promote a new low 


C#m                                    Bm 
My life is a soundtrack to a beautiful movement 
C#m                                 Bm 
Composed to get closer to a revolution 
What are you doing? 

F#m Wake up Bm Tell me what is this nonsense A Why can't we be conscious? C# Of what we're feeding our people F#m Wake up Bm Tell me what is this nonsense A You killed the conscious C# With your deliberate evil
verse 2 C#m What is this shit now we're forced to sit? The greenery gone and our soul got split Bm It's incredulous How your lyrics got prejudice C#m Cast your mind back to the soul out flick When a couple of strings and a mic was it Bm It's a fashion-less show Unbelievable Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge C#m (First they take your mind) Ambiguous and subliminal Bm What does singing have to do with my abdominals? Better read the fine print in your peripherals C#m (Then they take your soul) Bm Him and me lawyer come pen pals, suddenly I hear funny signals What a sneaky set of individuals C#m (And just before you know) You can't see no residuals Bm And those who say they have your back you take it out a straight attack and sell out for decimals C#m (The whole of you is owned by Somebody else, your screamin' for help Bm So shake up yourself, the call is comin' through) Some truth from me to you Chorus Outro F#m Bm What's this nonsense A Can't we be conscious? C# Of what we're feeding our, what we're feeding our F#m Bm What's this nonsense A Can't we be conscious? C# Can't we be, can't we be? F#m Bm Now wake up, wake up A All my people now wake up C# Wake up for me, wake up for me people F#m Bm Wake up, wake up A Wake up, wake up C# You got to be conscious

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