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Easily Replaced Acordes

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Easily Replaced


D        D/C#           Bm 
Falling in and out of love 
              G       A 
Can make it hard to love yourself 
D        D/C#          Bm            G         A 
Someone puts you on a …pedestal and leaves …you on the shelf 
D            D/C#           Bm             G      A 
And you're left …to wonder what you did or didn'™t do enough 
D        D/C#            Bm                G               A  A6  A 
Painfully you tell yourself you were not worthy of their love 

G  A    D                       D/C# 
Oooh, You brought self doubt in 
Then just walked out in 
                     G             A 
To a painless place you can call home 
D                   D/C# 
Leavin me on the floor 
Not so sure anymore 
                  G          A  A4  A  D 
I am left losing sleep over you 

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