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Standard tuning 
C                         Am 
I cannot recall when I've felt like this 
F                          G 
It's been a long, old time if I ever did. 
C                              Am 
So if I act strange, I'm hoping you'll forgive 
I've got your light 
              G           C     Am  F  G 
I've got your light in my eyes. 

On some distant moon I lie on my back 
For a glimpse of blue 'fore it's gone to black 
It used to be like this, now it's not like that 
I've got your light 
I've got your light in my eyes. 

Every heart on earth is dark half the time 
Oh I try and try but I can't read your mind. 
Sometimes I can't see, that don't mean I'm blind 
It's just your light 
It's just your light in my eyes, in my eyes, in my eyes... 

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