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Evil Eye

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Intro: D 

Verse 1:
He'll laugh and say that he can't sleep 
And he don't know the reason why 
               G        D/F  Em 
Maybe it's the evil eye 
Oh, that awful evil eye 
Remember how he used to hold you close 
Now in the middle of the night 
        G        D/F  Em  
Oh, the evil eye 
Oh, that awful evil eye 

Bb C Someone must really have it in for him D D7 G D/F Em D The way they're stickin' him with pins, ooooooh-oh
Verse 2: use verse 1 chords I know he's sick but we can't be sure Still, from everything I've heard It's hard to cure the evil eye Oh, that evil eye Has he lost weight and his lips gone pale? Covered in little white lies Oh, the evil eye Oh, the evil eye Chorus 2: use chorus 1 chords You've got me worrying about your health Cuz you don't look so good yourself, ooooooh-oh Interlude: D D7 G D/F Em A Verse 3: D Somebody must've gotten hurt a lot D7 By somebody crueler than you thought G D/F Em Now you've got the evil eye A Oh, that awful evil eye D D Evil eyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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