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Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is Acordes

Jordan Dillon



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Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is

Intro: C#m  E F# 

verse 1: 
C#m                                          E 
Where are the chains that once held me down? 
C#m                                          E  F# 
Where are the bonds that once kept my soul? 
C#m                                   E 
Power of death where is your sting? 
C#m                                   E  F# 
Christ has taken them away from me 

C#m             B  
What power could free my soul 
    F#/Bb                B 
But Jesus’ blood and the Spirit of the Lord 

Where the Spirit of the Lord is  
         B      F#/Bb 
There is freedom 

verse 2: 
Where is the weight of my sin and shame?  
It’s nailed to the cross and won’t return again 
The joy of the Lord is now in my soul  
Freedom is mine now in Christ alone 

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