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words Dan Fritz; music by Oran Thornton and Dan Fritz 
(P)(c) 1995 Super Fly Camel Clutch Music/Gotee Music/BMI 
(Admin. by Gotee Music) 
From: Morley  
(Verse 1) 
G                                        D             
Don't try killing time, cause time don't die 
No matter how hard you try 
Years, months, weeks, days, count the minutes 
Count the seconds, count the seconds, it flies 
Ab                          A          Bb   B      C 
Count the seconds, it flies, why, why, why 
(Chorus 1) 
Why, oh why do you try 
(Verse 2) 
G                                   D 
Everyday I'm bothered by the simple things that mek me  
try to live a life that's worthy of the price that's paid to 
cover me 
G                 D 
Very soon, I will not want ot take it 
                                                                F    Gb 
There comes a time when the tables must be turned 
G       Ab                 A       Bb    B     C  
The table must be turned, why, why, why 
(Chorus 1) 
(Chorus 2) 
E          D             A 
Don't waste my Monday (Wednesday, Friday) 
E          D             A 
Don't waste my Tuesday (Thursday, Saturday) 
E                      D 
Don't waste the time I have 
For making up the time you waste 
(Verse 3) 
G                                         D                
Not much is being said by anybody in the world 
About the things we get a hold of that could make a 
Working brain go dead 
If I try, it seems I'm not accepted 
Why do you listen to the one who has nothing to say 
G                   A                   Bb            B      C 
The one who has nothing to say, why, why, why 
(Chorus 1& 2 2x) 
D                       D             A 
Don't waste my Sunday, my Sunday 
My Sunday, my Sunday, my Sunday 


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