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The Summer Wind

( Hans Bradtke and Henry Mayer)

	  Intro:  D Bm5-/7 Em7 A7 D7M  D6 Em7 A7 

      D    D7M       Cdim   B7  Em7              A9    A7 
The summer wind came blowin'  in  across the sea, 
     Em           B      Em7        A7/9       D7M       D6 
It lingered there to touch your hair and walk with me; 
Am7  D7      D       D9     D7     G           G/F#   C9     Gdim 
All summer long we sang a song and strolled in golden sand, 
D    Bm5-/7       Em7   A7     D7M         D6   Em7   A7 
 Two sweethearts and     the summer wind. 
        D     D7M        Cdim     B7          Em7       A9    A7 
Like painted kites, the days and nights went flying by; 
     Em        B    Em7     Em6     D7M            D6 
The world was new beneath a blue umbrella sky.   
Am7    D7          D9              G     G/F#      C9    Gdim 
Then softer than a piper man, one day it called to you - 
D   Bm5-/7   Em7  A7      D7M        B7     
  I lost you to      the summer wind. 
 change to E 
    E       E7M       E7    Fdim        F#m7           B7 
The autumn wind, the winter winds have come and gone; 
     F#m        B7       Fdim  B7       E9       E    E6    E 
And still the days, the lonely days, go on and on. 
    Edim        E7      Bm5-/7   E7          A          A7M    D9   Cdim 
And guess who sighs his lullabies though nights that never end? 
 E    C#m5-/7   F#m   B7      E            E7M  F#m     B7 
My fickle friend,    the summer wind. 
     E          E7M  F#m   B7              E      E7M  F#m  B7   E9 
The summer wind,              the summer wind. 

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