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In A Sentimental Mood

(Manny Kurtz, Duke Ellington and Irving Mills)


          Em7  A7         A7/13- Bm D5 D  
In a sentimental mood 
       E7                 Em         G5   G  
I can see the stars come through my room  
            A7         Bm  Bm7    
While your loving attitude  
           B7         Em         D  
Is like a flame that lights the gloom  
Em7     A7      A7/13-   Bm D5 D  
On the wings of ev'ry  kiss  
         E7            Em        G5   G  
Drifts a melody so strange and sweet  
        A7            Bm  Bm7  
In this sentimental bliss  
             B7        Em   D  
You make my paradise complete  
A7M         F#m     
Rose petals seem to fall 
     Bm          E7               A7M F#7  B7 E7  
It's all like a dream to call you mine  
A7M          F#m  
My heart's a lighter thing  
      Bm             E7             F#7  
Since you made this night a thing divine 
Em7  A7   A7/13-    Bm D5 D  
In a sentimental mood 
        E7             Em         G5   G  
I'm within a world so heavenly 
      A7                 Bm  
For I never dreamt that you'd  
          B7      Em    D  
Be loving sentimental me 

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