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Dreamland Acordes

Johnny Lloyd



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Intro: B 

verse 1 

B                   G#m 
Did I see you in a past life? 
         E              B 
Have I loved you once before? 
                 G#m                        B 
A vision of the future walking through my door 
Did I dream of a another world? 
      E                       B 
Did you sit there, watch me drown? 
Am I living through your memories 
In a distant foreign town? 

F#m Come take my hand G#m E And walk with me through my dreamland
verse 2 B G#m Did I hear the bird singing? E B Or did the devil take your tongue? G#m Singing Hallelujah E B I heard the beating of your drums G#m You were the sunlight in the morning E B You were the one who took me home G#m You were the sound of laughter E You are everything I've ever known
F#m Come take my hand G#m E And walk with me through my dreamland

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