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By Johnny Cooper 
CD: Ignition 
Intro Chords: 
D  A  G 
D  A  G  

D       A                  G  
Well it all started with a picture of me and you 
D          A                  Bm   A   G   
Yea from a couple of summers ago 
D          A          G        G/F#   E7 
We were at your house lounging by the pool 
Thats when I met you  

You were always locked up in some relationship 
I was trying on a girl that just didnt fit 
Were 2 of a kind and we new this from the start 
Yet we stayed so far apart  

G A But I like everything about you girl D The feel of your touch G A Yea I like everything, the way you smile D Bm I just cant get enough G A Bm G E7 Yea I like everything from your head down to your toes A D I like everything and I thought you should know
Well I cant forget about driving to your spot Your lips met mine and I thought my heart stopped You smiled at me and saidplease dont leave How could I not agree? You sneak over to my placeout your back door I know you too wellthat youve done this before I just laugh and remembershes coming to me Whoah - thankfully! Chorus Bridge: G And I like the way you smile A And I like the way you make wild G And I like how we can talk all night A And I like how we dont ever fight G A Bm A E7 And I like the way you look at me like no ones ever done before A D Yea I like everything and I thought you should know Outro D, A, G, D,A, Bm, A, G. Enjoy. Peace

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