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I Came To Believe

(Johnny Cash)

	  G											C 
i couldn't manage the problems i laid on myself 
C														G 
 and it just made it worse when i laid them on somebody else 
 so i finally surrendered it all brought down in despair 
 D														G 
 i cried out for help and i felt a warm comforter there 
C G and i came to believe in a power much higher than i D G i came to believe that i needed help to get by C G in childlike faith i gave in and gave him a try D G and i came to believe in a power much higher than i
G C nothing worked out when i handled it all on my own D G and each time i failed it made me feel twice as alone G C then i cried, "lord there must be a sure and easier way D G for it just cannot be that a man should lose hope every day." {Chorus} D C G yes, i came to believe in a power much higher than i

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