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Forty Shades Of Green Acordes

Johnny Cash

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Forty Shades Of Green

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: The Great Lost Performance

	  (G) I close my eyes and picture the (C) emerald of the sea, 
      From the (G) fishing boats at Dingle, 
      To the (A7) shores of Donagha (D)-dea; 
      I (G) miss the River Shannon, 
      And the (C) folks at Skibbereen, 
      The (G)  moorlands and the meadows 
      With their (D) forty shades of (G) green. 
       But (C) most of all I miss a girl in 
       (G) Tipperary town. 
       And (C) most of all I miss her (G) lips, 
       As (A7) soft as eider-(D)-down; 
       (G) Again I want to see and do 
       The (C) things we've done and seen, 
       With the (G) breeze as sweet as shalamar, 
        And there's (D) forty shades of (G) green. 
      I wish that I could spend an hour 
      At (C) Dublin's churning surf, 
      I'd (G) love to watch the farmers drain  
     The (A7) bogs and spade the (D) turf; 
     To (G) see again the thatches  
     Of the (C) straw the women glean; 
     I'd (G) walk from Cork to Laren to see 
     The (D) forty shades of (G) green. 

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