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Committed To Parkview

	  G                                      D7 
There's a man across the hall who sits staring at the floor 

And he thinks he's Hank Williams hear him singing through the door 

          C                     G 
There's a girl in 202 who stops by to visit me 

        A7                            D7 
And she talks about her songs and the star that she should be 

          G                               C 
There's a lot of real fine talent stayin' in or passin' through 

        G         C   G              C                G 
And for one thing or another they're committed to Parkview 

There's a girl in 207 coming down on Thorazine 

And a superstars ex drummer trying to kick Benzedrine 
          C                                G 
There's a real fine country singer who has tried and tried and tried 

          A7                             D7 
They just brought him in this morning an attempted suicide 

          G                             C 
There are those who never made it those who did and now are through 

          G        C        G             C                G 
Some came of their own good choosin' some committed to Parkview 

There's a girl who cries above me loud enough to wake the dead 

They don't know what she has taken that has scrambled up her head 

          C                                G 
There's a boy just down below me who's the son of some well known 

       A7                                 D7 
He was brought in by his mother cause his daddy's always gone 

          G                               C 
There's a bum from down on Broadway and a few quite well-to-do 

         G         C        G            C                G 
Who have withdrawn from the rat race and committed to Parkview 

They wake me about 6:30 just before the morning meal 

While they're taking my blood pressure they ask me how I we feel 

      C                                G 
And I always say fantastic there ain't nothing wrong with me 

              A7                         D7 
And then they give me my injection and I go right back to sleep 

       G                             C 
And my days are kind of foggy and my nights are dreamy too 

            G      C         G           C                G 
For they're taking good care of me while committed to Parkview 

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