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Johnny Cash

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Chattanoga City Limit Sign

G I was thumbin' a ride one Saturday mornin' 
Out of C Nashville totin' my sack 
I lent my D7 car to a gal that lived in Chattanooga 
And she hadn't ever brought it back. G 
She was drinkin' pretty heavy, when I let her have it 
Hope she knows it was only a loan 
Ain't no tellin' what I might have told her back at the time, 
But that old car was also my home. 
About five miles out I was gettin' kinda tired 
Sweatin' hard and feelin' kinda weak 
I woke up with no cigarettes or nothin' to drink 
And I hadn't had a bite to eat. 
My nerves was so quick I couldn't tell where I was shakin' 
Then a set of brakes sang my song 
Some fellow stuck his head out a '51 Chevy 
And hollered "Hey man, come on." 
I tole 'em I was headin' down to Chattanooga 
They said hop in, we're goin' there too 
And the way they took off in a cloud of smoke 
I still ain't believin' it was true. 
They had their windows down, and I was sittin' in the back 
With my tongue still hung in my throat 
He was hittin' just about a hundred and ten  
And he said, "Man, what you think of this boat?" 
Well, there was two semi's a-strugglin' up ahead 
One tryin' to pass the other 
They had the whole road blocked so he passed 'em on  the right 
And let me tell you somethin' brother. 
I was so nervous my that teeth was clickin'  
There wasn't no way my head could think 
Then the one that was sittin' on the passenger side  
Turned and said, "Hey man, you want somethin' to  drink?" 
I just shook my head 'cause I couldn't talk 
He said OK and then he said cheers 
Them fools was drinkin' whiskey and wine 
And chasin' it down with beer. 
Well, I started sweatin' that old sticky sweat 
And I know I was white as a sheet 
Then one turned the radio on wide open 
And said, "Hey man, check that beat." 
By the time we reached the top of Monteagle 
I thought I heard a rumblin' sound 
And then I saw a sign that said 'FALLIN' ROCK' 
And right there I was floorboard bound. 
I was rollin' and squirmin' on the old floorboard 
Too weak to sit or stand 
And then the driver said "We're doin' a hundred and twenty 
Look here man, no hands!" 
I got up enough nerve to raise up and look 
By now there couldn't be no surprise, 
But his hair was blowin' all over my face 
And dandruff blowed in both eyes. 
He never did drive on the right or left 
He just kept on ridin' that line 
I rubbed my eyes and saw the prettiest thing 
The Chattanooga City Limit Sign. 
He slowed down and I said, "Mister please! 
I'd like to get off right here" 
He said, "Aw, ride on into town with us 
We'e gonna go down n' pick up some more beer." 
I said please once more and he stopped the car 
And then he handed me my sack 
Said they'd look for me on the road later on 
(In) Case I wanted to catch a ride back. 
I got out and sat down by the side of the road 
Feelin' sick and lookin' mighty pale 
I don't remember anything much after that 
But next mornin', I woke up in jail. 
I didn't know anybody in my cell, 
And didn't wanta ask why I was there 
But they all kept grinnin' and turnin' their heads 
And it was more than my head could bear. 
G So I called the jailer and asked him to tell me 
Why I was C there, if he'd be so kind 
He said, {S} D {P} 
"For stoppin' traffic, while I was huggin' and kissin' 
The Chattanooga City Limit Sign." G 


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