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Banks Of The Ohio Acordes

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Banks Of The Ohio

Áño: 2003 - Álbum: Unearthed (5CD)

	  Intro: G 
           G               D 
I asked my love, to take a walk. 
Take a walk a little way. 
And as we walked, and as we talked. 
              G  D             G 
Of when would be   our wedding day. 
G D And only say, that you'll be mine. G In no other's arms entwine. C Down beside, where the waters flow. G D G Down by the banks of the Ohio.
I asked her if, she'd marry me. And my bride forever be. She only turned, her head away. And had no other words to say. Chorus I plunged a knife, into her breast. And told her she was going to rest. She cried oh Willie, don't murder me. I'm not perpared for eternity. I took her by, her golden curls. And took her down to the riverside. There I pushed, her in to drown. And watched her as she floated down. Chorus I started home, between twelve and one. And cried oh Lord what have I done. I've killed the only, girl I love. Because she would not marry me. Chorus (I'm pretty sure that's the way that it goes. I might be missing a verse in there, but I think that that's how this version goes like.)

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