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Ballard of a teenage queen Acordes

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Ballard of a teenage queen

	  F C F C F C G C 
  F        C        F       C 
(Dream on dream on teenage queen) 
       F        C          G    C 
(The prettiest girl we've ever seen) 
 C              F        C 
There's a story in this town 
         G              C 
Of the prettiest girl around 
                 F       C 
Golden hair and eyes of blue 
                      G         C 
How these eyes could blush off you 
                       G         C    
(How these eyes could blush off you, aaahaaahaa....) 
 F                   C 
Boys hung round her by the score 
                   G        C 
But she loved the boy next door 
                   G     C 
Who worked at the candy store 
(Dream on.......prettiest girl we've ever seen) 
She was tops for all they said 
It never once went to her head 
She had everything it seems 
Not a care this teenage queen (repeat in backing) 
Other boys could offer more 
But she loved the boy next door who worked at the candy store 
(Dream on, dream on teenage queen 
You should be a movie queen) 
He would merry her next spring 
Saved his money bought a ring 
Ten one day a movy scout 
came to town to take her out (---) 
Holywood could offer more 
So she left the boy next door who worked..etc. 
(Dream on dream on teenage queen 
See you on the movie screen) 
Very soon she was a star 
Pretty house and fancy car 
Swimming pool and fence around 
But she missed her old home town (---) 
All the world was at her door 
But she missed the boy next door who worked....etc. 
(Dream on....queen 
Saddest girl we've ever seen) 
Then one day the teenage star 
Sold her house and all her cars 
Gave up all her wealth and fame 
Left it all and cought a train (---) 
Do I have to tell you more 
She came back to the boy next door who worked...etc. 
(Now this story has a moral 
hear it all at the candy store) 


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