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Always Alone

	  G            G7        C 
Always alone alone and blue 

            D7                      G 
I've got no one to tell my troubles to 

               G7         C 
No one to care to call my own 

              D7               G 
It seems that I must always be alone 

                 G7           C 
The day you left you broke my heart 

           D7                  G 
I need you so but we're so far apart 

                G7            C 
You didn't care I should have known 

               D7                  G 
That you would go and leave me all alone 

                G7           C 
There is no one to take your place 

              D7                        G 
Each night in dreams I see your smiling face 

             G7           C 
Then I awake and find you gone 

            D7               G 
I know that I must always be alone 

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